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I Wonder

Films, Lifestyle, women June 4, 2017


Wonder Woman is killing in the theaters and reflecting our changing climate where women rule supreme!  No, we didn’t get Hillary but globally it’s the time of the woman.  Lest we forget, the largest protest in HERstory was dedicated to and organized by women.  The world is changing, gone are the days of hand to hand combat and protecting our caves, now politics requires diplomacy and a gentle thoughtful touch, that’s where we come in.  So, in honor of all things woman I’ve cultivated some Wonder Woman inspo to motivate your Monday.


Go gold, metallics are powerful.


While you’re at it grab some Wonder Woman inspired fashion.  Think bangles, amazonian/Greek inspired dresses, and lots of laurels.


Wonder Woman’s home, Themyscira, is a little reminiscent of ancient Rome.  So why not go Greek with your inspo.

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Then always remember who runs the world!!!



Do we run the world?

Art, Beauty, Celebrity, Music Videos May 27, 2011

I always support women who say things that make sense.  But honestly it doesn’t make any sense for women to run the world, or honestly for men either.  We as a human race have fallen out of touch with balance.  Men are nothing without women and vice versa.  We cannot survive without one another, and the sooner we come to this realization the better things will be.  But of course there are current inequities which have been touched on by our lecturer here, so take some initiative and change the world of people around you.  Also, as an aside on Beyonce’s video…if we run the world why are we saluting an army of men at the end of the video?  If I ran the world I wouldn’t salute anyone.