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Relaxation at Last!

Lifestyle October 28, 2012


This week, as a part of my promise to stay busy and entertained I crammed as many activities into the past 7 days I could. I attended a meeting about a very meaningful organization and saw a man on a unicycle (I really need to reconsider my job-we don’t have nearly enough unicycle guys), I spent time with a number of people who I love and adore, and attended a raucous party with IONA Magazine. All in all it was a productive, fun, crazy, intense week so all I did today was have brunch and read my W Mag. Thank you for the weekend.

Here are a few pictures from my week.

Yay Iona and Alimi!!!!!

This thrift store in Silver Lake had some pretty interesting art and a beaded shirt I’m picking up tomorrow.


Then there were the near naked models and bond fire time in Venice. It was a good week, excluding how gross bond fires make your hair smell. I swear one wash does not get that stink out. Ugh that Friday will stay with me for a while.