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V Day Cometh

DIY, Lifestyle February 8, 2017


Yay!!! Valentines Day is coming!!!  I’m never truly ready but I’m trying to get a little festive.


Flowers and gifts are getting me in the spirit.


Then I decorated a little…let’s be honest this isn’t really my husband’s thing.


But he loved the note I left on his pillow.  Check out my other blog post with 20 creative Valentines Day idea for creative people.


Show How Much You Care Day!

Lifestyle February 14, 2012

This Vday was all about my besties. Since this is a pretty pivotal year for us all-S is making her mark on the silver screen, N is preparing to launch her hugely anticipated website, K is finishing up at Harvard, and I’m getting ready to complete my Ph.D.-we decided we had to show each other as much love as possible.  Hence my box-o-motivation.  I put together an assortment of individually meaningless items, some rock candy, chocolates, forget me nots, and some of their favorite spirits, to help them realize how amazing they are to me.

Each item was tethered to a sentiment I felt would propel them through 2012; always be sweet, grow in the midst of adversity, shine through the darkness, be spirited (my favorite), always be sweet, and don’t let your heart be hardened.  I love my ladies, they have gotten me through some tough times and I’ve emerged on the other end eternally grateful.  So C&C readers use today to show those you are grateful for how much you love them…