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Unite Under the Colors!

Celebrity, Fashion, Politics February 8, 2012

When you think United Colors of Benetton you think of minimalist colorful clothes and controversial ads.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, yet again UCB is making some enemies with their newest ad campaign for Unhate.  The ads feature world leaders waving their unhate flags while in warm embrace, lip locks baby!  They feature our own President Obama getting it on with Hugo Chavez and Hu Jintao (seperate pictures, they’re not that kinky), Kim Jong-il smooching Lee Myung-bak, and Angela Merkel loving Nicolas Sarkozy down.  The Unhate campaign is all about increasing tolerance and communication on a global level.  This ad definately has us communicating in fact it’s made some just pain uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable yet?  It’s rare that people are motivated into action when they are comfortable, so let this discomfort propel you into a state of action.  Get uncomfortable C&C readers…you don’t have to Unhate but do something to better the world around you.