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Pink Ombre Cake Time!

DIY, Food, Lifestyle June 2, 2017

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I love cake.  Well, I guess there aren’t many people that hate cake…but I really really love it.  My mother was a big baker and we baked a cake every Friday.  It was our Sabbath tradition.  So, I want to integrate it into my new life with my hubby.

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Today isn’t a baking lesson, just a little cuteness for your day.  But this is the very helpful baking pan set I used from Target.   I bought a simple white boxed cake and used some of the massive amounts of pink food coloring I have lying around the house…yes I have so so much pink food coloring.  I gathered 5 bowls and added 1 cup of batter to each bowl.  Then I added no food coloring to the first bowl, .5 drops to the second, 1 drop to the third, 2 drops to the fourth bowl, and 3 drops of food coloring to the fifth bowl.  I mixed them well and added them to the pan and baked them as directed.  They baked very fast.  Keep an eye on them.

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And it was yummy too!


Gilded Love 

Lifestyle September 10, 2015

We all have that super old something or other that we just can’t let go of.  This is mine! Just a mug.  Instead of staring at this blank slate day after day I wanted to amp it up a bit. Let me walk you through this super simple little update that brought some shine to my morning coffee.

Her’s my original beloved, Target “A” mug. Oh how I love Target.

A quick trip to Michael’s yielded this awesome paint pen, oil based and metallic. I only colored in the “A” but obviously some of you true artists can make your own designs.   Mine dried overnight but that’s purely because of laziness. I’m sure it was dry within an hour.

Then pop your newly fabulous mug on an oven safe tray and inside a cold oven, < this is key (keeps the mug from cracking). Then heat to 350 degrees and keep it in for 30 minutes. You can do this twice if you want-overachievers!

Now you have a gilded and shiny hand painted mug. How easy was that?!?  Think about it, affordable, personal Christmas gifts. A dream!

And here it is on the gilded pillow I made earlier this year.

Night Night!

Advice June 16, 2012

Creating a nightly routine is so important in the attempt to achieve good sleep hygiene.  So, I’ll let you in on mine.  It involves some reading, mainly nerd books like “The Tell Tale Brain” or some random facts from Flipboard, all the while I”m smelling my new candle Sweet Spun Sugar from Target, followed by some planning for tomorrow (that’s what the note book is for, I’m so analog).  Then I wash and moisturize my face and jump in bed…good night!


Soy Joy!

Health, Home May 19, 2012


Here’s another personal obsession, spy candles. They just seem to burn cleaner and smell stronger. This pink Magnolia candle hails from the infinitely useful Target and smells sweet and clean. Embrace your inner calm with some aroma therapy. Great scents for calm are lilac, jasmine, vanilla, and sage. Find your soy joy C&C readers!