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Craft Time!

Lifestyle August 27, 2013


So I’ve been making some of the random crafty things I make and decided to make a bookmark for an analog book I’ve been reading. Yes, I’ve been reading an actual paper book. This is probably a little surprising for those of you who know me because I go nowhere without my iPad Mini. But my significant other is hyper aware of my constant thirst for knowledge and bought me Summa Metaphysica, a book about the coexistence of suffering and God’s promise that we won’t suffer…again, if you know me, you know I eat stuff like that for breakfast. Heavy content aside, I wanted a sparkly bookmark. If you want one too here is how you can make it.


Fold a piece of paper so it comes to a point, trace a semi circle and cut on the line. It comes out like a little heart. Get that heart and trace it onto the corner of an envelope, now cut that out. You’ll have a little pocket shaped like a heart left.


Next, get your heart stencil, trace another half circle, and cut away the outer edge beyond the line. You are left with a smaller heart than the original. Use this smaller heart as a stencil for your dash of whimsy. I used glitter duct tape…yup, I own glitter duct tape. Welcome to my life and my significant’s personal hell…the poor man. Well, now you have a fancy bookmark for an analogue book. Happy reading!