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Photo Crush!

Lifestyle September 18, 2014


So I have a serious #women crush everyday on the fabulous Beth Kirby AKA Local_Milk on Instagram. Her work is emotional and styled to the GAWDS. Her use of light is something I’ve been meaning to master and ugh she’s sooo good. So here are some of her Instagram posts. Please be as awed by her as I am.







Ugh she gave me life today!


The Eyes Have It!

Beauty, Celebrity April 13, 2011

I know this picture is old, but I love Solange Knowles in it.   The center parted hair, the high arched bold eye brows, the perfect purple liner, and the falsies are the perfect look for her.   I was okay when she went all Amber Rose on us…we technically she did it first so Amber Rose when Solange Knowles…but this full hair softens her face and her make up draws the viewer to her huge eyes.  I say kudos to whoever styled this shoot, standing ovation.

RiRi’s Star…Still Shinny!

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion, Lifestyle February 20, 2011

All-Stars is over and I loved every moment…even Rihanna’s performance.  That’s a biggie, since her last few performances have been a mess.  However, tonight she was basically on key and danced a bit…go RiRi.  But the show stopper was her crystal bodice and fringe scort.  What’s the name of her stylist?  Then what’s the name of her hair stylist?  Get him out of here…