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Be the Prettiest Girl in the Room with this Pillbox Hat DIY

DIY, Fashion, Lifestyle May 16, 2016

This is one of the longest crafts I’ve posted but the final product was so worth it.  Wether you call it a hat, a chapeau, a sombrero,or a kofia this Spring inspired pillbox hat will be one of the most adorable things you have ever made. 

Start by collecting your necessities: 

Tulle or netting  (I already had this lying around) 

Silk flowers ($13 at Michaels

Fabric (this was in my pile of random fabric) 

Hot glue gun


Something to clip your hat to your head (I ended up using wig clips) 

Needle and thread 

An empty cereal box 

Trace a circle onto the box…I totally ruined this plate and a candle in my pursuit of the perfect circle. 

Cut it out. This will be the top of your cute little hat. 

Cut out a strip of cardboard. Mine was about 1.5 inches wide. This will need to be long enough to go all the way around the circumference of your circle. See and you never thought you’d need geometry. 

I had to cut two strips and hot glue them together then cut off the excess. 

Add some glue. If you are familiar with hot glue, you know it dries fast so glue as you go.  I also glued the inside of the seam to make sure it was super secure. 

When you are done with this step it should look like this.

Next trace a circle-hopefully better than mine-around your hat. Allow for some extra room this does not have to be perfect. 

Glue the fabric around the top and sides of your soon-to-be hat. Then glue it around the sides. Get it as flat and smooth as possible. 

Then cut a strip of fabric wider and longer than the strip of cardboard you used to give your hat some height. I glued a hem on the top to keep it looking neat. Basically, add a line of glue then fold the fabric over right on top of the glue. Repeat this until the whole length of fabric is hemmed. I left the other side wild, nobody will see that side. I also hemmed the along the height of the fabric on one side only. 

Glue that around your hat. Hemmed side up to keep everything looking clean. 

Now fold the excess fabric inside and glue it down. But leave some areas of slack so you can sew your hair clips or comb in. 

This is your finished pillbox hat. But where’s the fun in this!?! 

Now add a peice of netting or tulle.  Cut about a 14 inch square of the tulle or netting. Adjust the size as you see fit. I honestly wish mine was larger.  Put a dab of glue in the center of the hat and just smack it on there. It’s hard to get this part wrong. Next,?glue flowers like a mad person. Keep checking in the mirror to make sure it’s giving you everything…absolutely everything.  Don’t be afraid to mess up, just pull them off and place them again. The top of your hat will probably be covered with Springtime anyway. Then I just sewed the clips onto the fabric inside the rim and… Voilà!!!! 

A hat that cost me $13 to make!!! Audrey Hepburn eat your heart out. 

Marble Notebook DIY

DIY, Lifestyle, Mental Health April 13, 2016

We all have that overpacked junk drawer filled  with pens, rubber bands, candles and I guess mine has a ton of unused old journals. What do we do with these long forgotten relics?  Repurpose them!!!! Let me show you a quick DIY that will have your old throwaway journal looking better than new. 


To start you will need an old journal, some contact paper and scissors. 

Lay the contact paper flat and trace around the outside of the journal.   


Don’t forget to open up the journal and trace around the whole thing. Also give some extra space so you can fold the contact paper over later. 


Cut it out.   

 Peel the backing from the paper. 

Attach it to the journal 

Fold the excess paper to the inside of the journal’s cover.

Here’s the finished journal!!! Now,what to write; gratitude, poetry, a novel?  Only time will tell. What are some things you would write?  Tell me everything!