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Secret Lunch

Food, Lifestyle August 10, 2012


Cigars and I found a new restaurant today…one I have been forbidden to mention by name. Our first course consisted of pretzel bread and an amazing mustard seed butter. You haven’t had butter until you’ve had mustard seed butter.


Next, we had some über fresh veggies still on the stalk. They offered us some great sauce but we didn’t even need it.
Finally, I had this deliciously sweet and savory grilled cheese sando with a gourmet tomato soup. Hmmm if I get the go ahead I’ll let you guys know this super secret location.

The fruits of my labor

Advice September 24, 2011

This morning I walked out to my backyard, picked a bushel of oranges, and slid them into my handy dandy Bullet juicer.  As I drank my fresh squeezed OJ I realized how much I miss good old country living- however, in SoCal the closest I’m getting is the burbs.  I’ve been living in the center of Hollywood for the past two years and moving back to Orange County has given me some perspective.  I missed walking through grass, real grass, free from dog droppings or beer bottles, I missed quiet cricket filled evenings, and stars.  I can’t remember the last time I saw stars.  The serenity is much appreciated.  So C&C readers find your place of peace and take it all in.