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Adventure in Cake Land

Lifestyle February 3, 2014



February 1st was more than just the first day of Black history month, it was my little sister’s birthday. She’s a spectacular author and creative genius. I don’t think my parents intended on having three creative kids, it couldn’t have been easy. Anyway, I decided to make her a tasty snicker doodley treat, but didn’t have a ton of, from scratch, time. So, I headed to the store and bought a Duncan Hines white boxed cake. All the cake purists are clutching their pearls, well relax those clenched fingers. It was pretty simple, super fast, and delish. I did all the box stuff like usual, 3 eggs, oil, water…easy peasy. I then added 2 table spooks of cinnamon, more if you feel like it, a pinch of sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Bake as normal. I decided to use a cream cheese frosting. Of course I went prepackaged, I know guys, I know. I used two containers of frosting put them in my handy kitchen aid mixer and added one teaspoon of cinnamon. The final product was AMAZING! In a pinch a box cake can be just as meaningful as a scratch cake. My sister was still ecstatic, she may have had three pieces.