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Fashion November 23, 2013


I’ve been crazy busy with all of my random ventures and seemingly different lives. In one of my lives I style musicians and help them find themselves. It’s a little like being a girlfriend without the perks. I love my job… Anyway, I always have an eye out for trends and pieces perfect for my clients. Bada bing bada boom, I found these gorgeous leather bags by Dean on Sunset Blvd. They fit the needs of one of my clients to a tee. He’s a musician, bass player, constantly on the road and has to look trendy while being comfortable. This isn’t an easy task. You’d be surprised how uncomfortable tour busses are.


These bags are 100% leather and made on sight. After a convo with an employee, who just finished hitch hiking from NoCal, I feel even deeper in love with these designs. I had my little peepers a few pieces that were spacious and durable, just the thing for the life of a jet setter.


Hipster Tricks

Fashion October 23, 2013



Clearly I’m not a hipster, but the trend has offered some wonderful, wonderful lazy day fashion coverage.  Simply stated…the oversized glasses hide that I’m not wearing any make-up, thank God.  The hat has hidden the fact that my roots are a little curly and the t-shirt and jacket cover my less that beach ready tummy.  Therefore, thank you to all the hipsters.  You gentrify urban areas and you help me hide my flaws…such a powerful movement.


Relaxation at Last!

Lifestyle October 28, 2012


This week, as a part of my promise to stay busy and entertained I crammed as many activities into the past 7 days I could. I attended a meeting about a very meaningful organization and saw a man on a unicycle (I really need to reconsider my job-we don’t have nearly enough unicycle guys), I spent time with a number of people who I love and adore, and attended a raucous party with IONA Magazine. All in all it was a productive, fun, crazy, intense week so all I did today was have brunch and read my W Mag. Thank you for the weekend.

Here are a few pictures from my week.

Yay Iona and Alimi!!!!!

This thrift store in Silver Lake had some pretty interesting art and a beaded shirt I’m picking up tomorrow.


Then there were the near naked models and bond fire time in Venice. It was a good week, excluding how gross bond fires make your hair smell. I swear one wash does not get that stink out. Ugh that Friday will stay with me for a while.