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Gotta Love Her!

Lifestyle June 11, 2014


Ok, RiRi can be salacious and a little out of control, but I never saw the big deal with her fancy digs at the CFDA Awards. Who cares what people say, this is absolutely gorgeous, reminiscent of Josephine Baker! It’s like I was looking at a twinkling night sky…with nipples *tear!


I miss her

Advice, Celebrity, Fashion December 19, 2010

I miss the old RiRi so much it hurts.  Her style was over the top but mostly right on.  I loved the shoulder length, I loved the faux hawk (the black one and the blond one), I loved her military style and her colorful island inspired prints.  Her current look, at times, makes me gag.  Red is for fire engines not your hair.