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DIY, Lifestyle November 23, 2016


Tomorrow, it’s game time.  We’ll be wrangling kids, grandparents, parents, and maybe even step parents.  And with this having been a particularly stressful year there will be some interesting table conversation.  Ooooh all that things we are thankful for.  I may even write a blog about the fabulous things my family members say.  I’ve decided that Thanksgiving bingo might be in order.

Well, this was my friendsgiving table and I want to give you resources for yours.


Ok first things first, find a color scheme.  My mother always told me that any good event has at least three colors.  My basic three were eggplant, pink, and creme.  Then I added accents of sage and gold.


I found these disposable plates at Smarty Had A Party .  They were affordable and looked so amazing!  Then I designed a little plate filler.  Here are some downloadable pdfs…yay… friendsgiving and thanksgiving.   The tablecloth came from Tablecloths Factory.


Simple and DONE!!! I love decorating and my bestie’s backyard.  Gold pineapple says gorgeous!!!!


The Best Staycation Yet!

Lifestyle, travel September 20, 2016

File_000 (20).jpeg

My Hubby and I are working on perfecting the staycation.  I mean, why live in sunny California if you don’t take full advantage of obscure hotels, unique restaurants, and Cali’s great ecological diversity.  Where else can you surf and ski in the same day?  Well, yesterday was a double whammy it was my husband’s birthday and our 6 month wedding anniversary.  So, we took a little weekend trip to Palm Springs and stayed at the Saguaro Hotel.  Just enjoy the colorful pictures!

File_000 (10).jpegFile_000 (9).jpegFile_000 (8).jpegFile_000 (11).jpegFile_000 (17).jpegFile_000 (6) copy.jpegFile_000 (7) copy.jpegFile_000 (3) copy.jpegFile_000 (6).jpegFile_000 (5).jpegFile_000 (18).jpegFile_000 (12).jpegFile_000 (14).jpegFile_000 (13).jpegFile_000 (5) copy.jpegFile_000 (15).jpegFile_000 (16).jpeg

Hope you enjoyed our colorful weekend at the Saguaro!




Beauty, DIY, Lifestyle July 18, 2016

I’ve really been into nails lately, random!  Well I was inspired by, my fave, Oh Joy’s nails. Ugh she’s such a dream. If you want this look keep reading!

Get the colors you want. I went with gold pink and purple. I recommend at least 3 colors with a neutral base. Put together all of the typical nail accoutrement; files, orange sticks, cuticle cream and some q-tips.

Cut your q-tips.

Here’s my neutral base!

Take your cut q-tips, dip them in your chosen color and spot away.

Don’t be scared to layer, I tend to start with three dots on each nail then add more as I see fit. Get creative!

Add two layers of top coat and voilà!!!

The Eyes Have It!

Beauty, Celebrity April 13, 2011

I know this picture is old, but I love Solange Knowles in it.   The center parted hair, the high arched bold eye brows, the perfect purple liner, and the falsies are the perfect look for her.   I was okay when she went all Amber Rose on us…we technically she did it first so Amber Rose when Solange Knowles…but this full hair softens her face and her make up draws the viewer to her huge eyes.  I say kudos to whoever styled this shoot, standing ovation.

Bright is NOT Always Right!

Beauty, Lifestyle December 13, 2010

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this season’s uber huge trend, bright lips, does not work for everyone.  The hot pinks, oranges, purples, and reds coating the pouts of celebs from NY to LA, must be slathered wisely.  Like any other make up, consider your undertone.  Warm undertones have hints of gold and yellow so think about reds and pinks are possible but tricky.  Try warm pinks and amaranths, stay away from light pink or pink with blue undertones.  Reds should be rich and deep while oranges, should never go on your lips but if they must, go for a bright rather than a dark.  Cool undertones, you have hints of pink and red in your skin.  Pale pinks are preferable and reds can boost your color with the right accessories.  You can even go blue and purple with little worry.  But be careful not to allow your lip color to overpower your look.  Allow your pretty faces to shine through.