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Art Day!

DIY, Lifestyle October 27, 2014


Once a month a group of my most creative friends get together for purely artistic expression. This, our second art day featured the mighty pumpkin. Halloween only comes around once a year and we wanted everyone to have something to take home.


My cousin Stevie has an amazing studio he uses it for relaxation and I use it for art. Isn’t family great.


Some people carved their pumpkins.


Some people painted them.


Then one did both. If there was a carving contest, my ex roomie, Ashley, definitely won.


Of course mine was gilded.


Friendsgiving Dinner

Home, Lifestyle November 23, 2013


I know, it’s not thanksgiving yet, but it seems like once all hallow’s eve ends Santa’s workshop heads into full swing. Well, my dear roomie and I love turkey and sweet potatoes way too much for that so we schedule a “friendsgiving” dinner every year. This friendsgiving I focused on my talents; decorating and cupcakes and she was the organizer and lead chef.


We ate, we socialized, we dealt with neighbors who wished they were here. Those are always the worst. But mostly I was happy about my table. I bought a ton of pumpkins, real and not so real, and painted them white and silver. A few pomegranate and acorns made their way in the mix.


About three coats in and I was just about done. I shaved the stalks down, to reduce possible phallic jokes, and set the stage with a wooden runner and silver chargers. I used normal paint and a brush…I’m not into spray paint, too messy. The project was pretty straight forward and I may replicate it on my actual Thanksgiving table.


Happy holidays and may all of your thanksgiving wishes come true.