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Beach Day! 

Food, Lifestyle, Photography July 6, 2015

I decided to pull out my old picnic basket for a post Indipendence Day beach trip. I filled it with goodies and didn’t forget the wine glasses. 

I made some veggie burgers filled with love. All my sandwiches may be heart shaped from here on out. I can’t stand crusts, this is a good excuse to be rid of them. 
Gio even fire grilled some squash! Such healthy beach goers. 

Well, I had a few crispy marshmallows. 

I had a cute little “love” temp tatt which motivated some great convos about the state of things and the world.  

Picnic Time!

Lifestyle March 15, 2013


I had an uber cute day, most of it was spent lounging in bed, preparing for a client’s photo shoot, paying pesky bills, and meditating-code for thinking too much.  Half way through the day I mustered the strength to get up and shop, goodness my day was casual.  As I was searching for odds and ends, bits and bobs, I came across the cutest picnic basket.  I’ve never been one for eating in the elements, but it was so adorbs I couldn’t say no.  Please expect some posts about picnic foods.



Adventure Time!

Art, Lifestyle July 28, 2011

RAKU was so cute I couldn’t help but stop by and take some pix.  It’s nestled in Claremont CA, amazingly trendy, and so beautifully organized.  I was intrigued by their kitchy trinkets, odds, and ends.  Need a wooden spoon? Done… Need some birdie shaped soap? Done…Planning a nautical themed picnic? Done…They are a one stop shop for anything adorable.