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The Best Staycation Yet!

Lifestyle, travel September 20, 2016

File_000 (20).jpeg

My Hubby and I are working on perfecting the staycation.  I mean, why live in sunny California if you don’t take full advantage of obscure hotels, unique restaurants, and Cali’s great ecological diversity.  Where else can you surf and ski in the same day?  Well, yesterday was a double whammy it was my husband’s birthday and our 6 month wedding anniversary.  So, we took a little weekend trip to Palm Springs and stayed at the Saguaro Hotel.  Just enjoy the colorful pictures!

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Hope you enjoyed our colorful weekend at the Saguaro!




Food, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Mental health, Photography December 10, 2015

The little tiny hungry girl inside of me couldn’t let this moment pass quietly into the night. I LOOOVE macaroons!  They are just so simple a chic. Truly the perfect snack. 

And if you like macaroons then you have to get them from Bottega Louie. It is downtown LA’s little window into delicious French snackerie…yup snackerie, I made that up. 

  I mean look at this absolute perfection.  Packaging isn’t just about putting a great product in a box. It’s about creating and tapping into the emotions of consumers. A lot of thought and research goes into creating these iconic designs. Different colors evoke different feelings, some may even make you want to purchase more goodies.  I think that’s the goal. 

Pink is the color of gentleness and love and evokes feelings of calm. It doesn’t make me hungry but since it’s my favorite color it encourages me to buy, buy, buy. Some of the effects of color are due to personal factors and preferences but there are definitely effects that impact all of us. It’s just evolution baby! For example, colors like red and orange get our attention because they have historically signaled danger. Thus, stop lights and road cones.   

I’m so sure you didn’t sign up for this little lesson in color theory, you just wanted to look at pictures of macaroons. But now that I’m done forcing you to learn some random information, go and see how colors make you feel today.  Ciao! 


Advice, Lifestyle, Shopping December 3, 2011

I love shopping, discovering places to shop, and finding new people to shop with.  Yes, I’m not that multidimensional when it really comes down to it; forgive me.  So today my sister and I went to procure her a cane, yes a cane, and she brought me to the most amazing vintage shop, JOYRIDE: VINTAGE, in downtown orange.  We spent some time getting acquainted with the odds and ends and chatting up the shop keeps.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and probably need their own reality show.  There were a few items I became totally obsessed with; a great bamboo dandy cane, awesome old school aftershave, some patches-the spider one will be mine,  some pocket watches, and my favorite-a bit macabre-their collection of glass eyes.

They have so many amazing things I couldn’t take pictures of it all, so you’ll just have to head there yourself and check it out.  Don’t even think about getting the steamer chest…it’s mine!

Fall in love with Red

Fashion August 5, 2011

As Fall quickly approaches I have been looking for something new to kick my closet into gear.  Then I found it…red, and all it’s variations.  I love the two above runway loos from PROENZA SCHOULER and PRADA’s fall lines.  Adding a kick of red or burnt orange can really jettison typical fall drabness into fabness.  Corney I know…

Bright is NOT Always Right!

Beauty, Lifestyle December 13, 2010

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this season’s uber huge trend, bright lips, does not work for everyone.  The hot pinks, oranges, purples, and reds coating the pouts of celebs from NY to LA, must be slathered wisely.  Like any other make up, consider your undertone.  Warm undertones have hints of gold and yellow so think about reds and pinks are possible but tricky.  Try warm pinks and amaranths, stay away from light pink or pink with blue undertones.  Reds should be rich and deep while oranges, should never go on your lips but if they must, go for a bright rather than a dark.  Cool undertones, you have hints of pink and red in your skin.  Pale pinks are preferable and reds can boost your color with the right accessories.  You can even go blue and purple with little worry.  But be careful not to allow your lip color to overpower your look.  Allow your pretty faces to shine through.