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Celebrity, Fashion September 8, 2011


Oh the awesomeness that is GaGa met the pure perfection that is Oprah last year at the Met Gala Americana exhibit. It highlighted fashion in the Americas and who’s more American than Oprah and Lady GaGa. I just love this picture so much I pulled it out of my archives, talk about gorgeous. Thanx for the pic Vogue!


Money can’t buy you class

Celebrity May 17, 2011

Having your wife and mistress preggers at the same time is soooo unstylish, to say the least.  Well at least Maria was with the queen of heart break when she found out, go Oprah!!!!  How ironic is that, out to dinner with Stedman, Gale, and Oprah and you find out your husband has a love child, Tragic!

A Must Watch

Advice, Art, Celebrity, Films, Lifestyle March 29, 2011

Lisa Ling hosts a new hard hitting show, “Our America,” on OWN.  I just finished an episode discussing the dynamic between the Christian church and homosexuality.  I was touched by how gently she handled the controversial issue and motivated to  encourage understanding and individual decision making.  I think everyone, Gay, Straight, or other wise should watch.  Here is a LINK.