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Girl Power

Lifestyle, Politics October 11, 2014


So, today is International Day of the Girl; a day dedicated to increasing awareness of women’s issues around the world. It’s pretty serendipitous that Malala Yousafzai, the survivor, activist, and writer is, as of yesterday, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Talk about making the rest of us seem like total slackers. Listen to this rundown of achievements. At only 11 she had the guts to publicly speak out about girls needing access to education just like boys. She began blogging for the BBC and the New York Times did a documentary on her. She even won a Pakistani Peace Prize and gave a speech at the UN. I mean what an impressively positive imprint for someone under 16-well, for anyone.

Most of us Westerners became aware of her after she was shot in the head by the Taliban, two years ago Thursday, at the age of 15. She miraculously survived the attempt and wrote about how it’s impact propelled her mission in her autobiography, I Am Malala. She was quoted in a Parade article as saying; It feels like this life is not my life. It’s a second life. People have prayed to God to spare me and I was spared for a reason-to use my life for helping people. Let’s be motivated by this spectacular girl, go out and be the change!