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Feathers and Frames 

Art, DIY, Home, Lifestyle April 23, 2017

I love bringing nature into my home. From my slight obsession with succulents to the abandoned bird’s nest; compassionately transitioning the outside inside is a passion of mine. So, as I was aimlessly walking around my parents’ property I found this delightfully abandoned feather and thought it must go on my cafe wall. This is possibly he easiest DIY ever. 

Firstly, don’t judge my gloves. I’m a tiny bit paranoid about tics and little creepy crawlies.  My first task was to make sure the feather fit the frame and yay it did!

Next, grab your trusty E6000 glue because nothing can withstand its power. 

Hold it down and you’re almost done. 

Place it in the frame, put the back on and voila!  Beautiful!!! 

The only space left on my wall was horizontal so here it will live. Happy crafting! 

Know when to Go

Lifestyle July 12, 2013



When do you know you need to seek help?  For some it’s after a major incident, when when life stretches us so thin we are afraid we may snap in two or break into a million pieces.  For others it is when those around us notice a major shift in our behavior   Then for others the help comes too late.  Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

1. Have you experienced a major life change? A major life change includes anything from a new job to a marriage. 

2. Do you have a history of mental illness?  If you have experienced a bout a depression in the past you are at risk for future bouts if untreated.  The same goes for other types of mental illness, anxiety, psychosis, etc…

3. Does anyone in your family have mental illness?  People with a first degree relative with a mental illness have a higher chance of also having a mental illness.  It’s a little nature and a little nurture. 

4. Have you noticed a recent change in your behavior? Have you been crying more lately?  Are you angry more often? Maybe you’ve lost a number of friends because of your actions.  Keep aware.  

Sometimes a shopping trip, a walk, a talk with friends is all you need to elevate and change your mood.  Sometimes it’s not enough.  This is a pretty serious sounding public announcement from your resident psychologist Cupcakes, but if you are looking or know anyone who is looking for a clinician here is an amazing link.  PSYCHOLOGIST TODAY