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Beauty, DIY, Lifestyle July 18, 2016

I’ve really been into nails lately, random!  Well I was inspired by, my fave, Oh Joy’s nails. Ugh she’s such a dream. If you want this look keep reading!

Get the colors you want. I went with gold pink and purple. I recommend at least 3 colors with a neutral base. Put together all of the typical nail accoutrement; files, orange sticks, cuticle cream and some q-tips.

Cut your q-tips.

Here’s my neutral base!

Take your cut q-tips, dip them in your chosen color and spot away.

Don’t be scared to layer, I tend to start with three dots on each nail then add more as I see fit. Get creative!

Add two layers of top coat and voilà!!!

Marble Nail DIY 

Beauty, DIY, Lifestyle June 30, 2016

My obsession with marble continues. I’ve gone from covering everything in marble contact paper, to hunting through a small quarry for the perfect table top, to buying this super adorbs notebook, and now I’m getting my nails mixed up in all this.  

My inspo, a marble notebook, came from Homegoods where all beautiful things are born. I picked three corresponding polish colors, black, copper, white, and a shiny top coat.  Also note that you’ll need a cup and a tinie tiny paintbrush.  Paint your nails black…I don’t think you need me to show you that.  

Watch this video for a little first hand knowledge. I tried a few things first, my freehand sucks but the water trick worked really well. Start with a cup of lukewarm water, fill the cup to the top, add a drop or two of the color you want, and stir it to create a little design. Then dip your nail. Don’t be surprised if you get covered in polish spiderwebs. Just remove with a cotton ball and some acetone. 

Get your tinie tiny brush, dip it in some copper and add a few metallic flecks and lines. Then dip the brush in acetone and make the lines a little less structured, blend them a bit. 

Now add a few layers of clear to add some shine. 

Then you’ve got marble inspired nails! You’re welcome!!! 

Cushnie Et Ochs

Fashion February 13, 2011

Backstage at Cushnie Et Ochs there is yet another nail fashion moment.  The Moment, one of my favorite twitter style makers, identified the trend and I am here to report it to you.  The trend setters at CEO  painted their models with black nails and embellished them with black beads.  This is a simple DIY.  One nail at a time, paint one about three layers on black polish and add some beads, foil, or anything you like, then wait to dry.

Alexander McQueen, the New Gaurd

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion December 10, 2010

Sarah Burton has been the Creative Director of Alexander McQueen since the fashion giant’s suicide in February 2010.  They have emerged from the heavy sadness as a slightly creepy unsettling phoenix.  Their quirkiness is refreshing and amazing!!!  From the smokey gold nails to the woven hair it’s all good in McQueen town.