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Sound of Music 

DIY, Lifestyle November 12, 2015

I’ve been a craft maniac lately. So many projects that I just didn’t have the time to stage and edit. This is a DIY bloggers secret the staging of the project takes longer than the actual project. And on top of that I rarely craft while cute!  I normally look pretty undone. Well, today I had a moment to document my achievement. 

 My cousin vocal coaches a number of high powered vocalists and wanted some specialized microphone stands.  I got the call and rose to the challenge.    It was pretty simple. Plastic tarp, spray paint (I prefer Rustoleum), and some fresh microphone stands. It took about 4 coats but we got it done. 

 My other cousin, Eric, got a little cameo.  At the end of the day I’m in love with the guilded stands. I may go back over there and add some glitter to something. I’m seriously addicted to glitter.   

Writers Should Digest

Advice July 17, 2011

I’m working on the results and discussion sections of my dissertation, ugh…school!  But I have hit major writers block on the other 5 articles I’m working on.  That got me thinking about cures for writters block-I mean I can’t be the only one…

Calm: One creativity killer is anxiety.  When you start thinking that you’ll never write anything good enough, what will your editor think? or will my readers even like this…STOP!  No I mean it, literally picture a large stop sign in your mind reading STOP.  Take a step away, almost watch yourself work, figure out why you’re even writing in the first place.

Distract: Take some time to get away from the writers block frustration.  Make a tasty meal or go on a quick jog…anything that will help put your mind in another place.  Showers and pedicures often work for me oh and of course writing this post.

Kindness: Be nice to yourself.  There is never any reason to berate yourself.  I tell people to talk to themselves like they would a small child.  You wouldn’t tell a child “you’re so stupid,” “you can’t write at all,” “You’ll never fisish this.”

Inspiration: Find something that inspires you, a location, a person, a color, or a song.  Just allow it to take you over completely.

I hope this was helpful back to my writing UGH!!!

New skool “Ghetto Blaster”.

Lifestyle, Music, Tech December 6, 2010

The boom-box is back!!…thanks to TDK.  This modern portable stereo debuts in early 2011 and is initially priced at $499.  This sucka comes fully equipped with three 35-watt RMS speakers, audio inputs for your iPhone/iPod, USB port, AM/FM radio, and an OLED display.  I’m sure my Kid n’ Play album sounds alot better on this than it did on my Sony Walkman