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DIY, Lifestyle January 7, 2015


The holidays were absolutely nuts.  It was a flurry of family, friends, and drum roll please I got engaged!!! Along with about 2 million other lucky ladies from your social media feed.  So, basically, I’m beyond excited and can’t wait to plan the rest of my life with my best friend.  I’ll try to post as often as possible and continue taking pictures of my random crafts.



Here is the ubiquitous ring in the car shot.  Come on, I had to, give a girl a break.  Gotta love my big guy, he did so well.


Aaron, is the most caring, understanding, and loving man I’ve ever met.  I am truly lucky and ecstatic to have the opportunity to spend my life with him.  Thanks baby you are so amazing.  Alright, now time to post some amazing crafts and get all Martha Stewart on that a$#…no more mushy stuff.  We’re not about that.



$inful $tat!

Advice, Lifestyle December 27, 2011

I am a stats junkie and found a simply $inful stat from 2011 in the Harvard Business Review  This stat states that people who cohabit-live with one anther before their eternal vows-then get married, end up amassing a fortune double those who never cohabitated.  Hmmm maybe those Kardashians are on to something.