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The Devil in the Details!

Fashion July 22, 2012


Most of my friends are pretty stylish but I have two that always astound me.  Jesse and Mike own a bag label, Mbarqgo, and have all their clothes made by a tailor in China.  Oh, and did I mention they are fluent in Mandarin?  Yea, they are definitely something special.  Jesse’s ensemble was overall amazing from his very well stitched, fitted grey skinny jeans, to his Mbarqgo belt, bow tie, tailor made jacket and shirt.  However, my favorite detail was that he managed to have his name embossed on ever button.

Mike wore a tailor made short suit with amazing plaid lining- not pictured – a four buttoned vest in a slightly darker grey (nice touch), and of couse his case, the newest product from Mbarqgo.  He literally brought it back from their factory like a week ago.  Two details stood out from this ensemble; first, was the plaid liner I didn’t get a picture of (bad blogging) and second, was his third pocket.  I’m a little obsessed with those.  Gotta love men that pay attention to details.