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Art, DIY June 20, 2012

Thanx to another pintrest hunt I was motivated by CrownHill to wrap my earbuds in colorful thread.  Of course I chose PINK!  If you are interested in this rare Cigars and Cupcakes DIY here you go:

Find string you love, like I said mine was pink.  Tie the string to the end of your earbuds and begin tying knots…this will go on for some time!

I pushed that little sliding piece and the other static piece together then just kept going until I was DONE!!!! Hurray, I hope you like this little project as much as I did.

Tech Talk!

Lifestyle, Tech October 14, 2011

I had a pretty exciting day, it began with a location walk through, a final interview (hurray for jobs), and a new purchase.  My iphone 3GS has seen better days so I rationalized going into my local ATT and purchasing my newest over priced gizmo.  Honestly, I love her…yes her.  She’s wonderful, fast, great camera, and Siri’s cool-a little creepy-but cool.  I give the iphone 4S 4 out of 5 cupcakes.

Double Duty

Beauty November 30, 2010

I just bought the MAC Haute and Naughty mascara.  I very rarely purchase MAC products, I know I’m one of those weird people, but this product was a must have at the top of my cosmetic shopping list.  It’s double applicator feature makes it easy to go from day to night.  The pink tip defines and lengthens eyelashes while the purple tip kicks up the lash drama.  Only $18 online or in stores.


Fridays are officially pink

Uncategorized November 24, 2010

Our dear, lovely, quite eccentric Nicki Minaj is entering yet another creative venue. The burgeoning rap/fashion maven who regularly gives Lady GaGa a run for her fashion chops is working with MAC on a new signature lipstick. Her Pink Friday limited edition lip luster will only be sold Fridays in December 2010. Now TGIF is truer than ever! Think pink ladies.