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Getting to Know Me!

Lifestyle March 31, 2012


Here are a few of my favorite things…I’m all about Karl L, in my eyes everything he touches is gold.  Vogue, perfection, you’ve gotta love a one stop shop for amazing fashion.  Finally, GaGa’s antics always make me smile.  That is all, back to you week end fun C&C readers. 



Celebrity, Fashion September 8, 2011


Oh the awesomeness that is GaGa met the pure perfection that is Oprah last year at the Met Gala Americana exhibit. It highlighted fashion in the Americas and who’s more American than Oprah and Lady GaGa. I just love this picture so much I pulled it out of my archives, talk about gorgeous. Thanx for the pic Vogue!


Mugler Pre Summer 2012

Celebrity, Fashion July 4, 2011

I have a healthy appreciation for Nicola Formichetti, as Creative Director for Mugler. You may or may not know that she also styles our dear Lady GaGa. This, her Pre Summer 2012 line, was not very GaGa but somewhat subdued with muted color and clean lines. Pants looked like they were painted in latex, dresses and skirts were mini just for hot summer days. I hope you are as pleasantly surprised as I was. 20110704-073751.jpg20110704-073757.jpg20110704-073804.jpg20110704-073810.jpg20110704-073817.jpg20110704-073824.jpg




Advice, Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion, Music May 28, 2011

I’ve posted about Lady GaGa before, about her ridiculous ensembles and controversial lyrics, but I’ve seen a new side to GaGa.  As an appreciator of great singing I’ve been disappointed with the music industry, I mean come on Rebecca Black…even Justin Beber at times ugh!  However, when I watched Lady GaGa sing Born This Way, acapella, I saw the popstar in a different light.  She has an amazing voice which is overshadowed by her dramatic attire and ghastly make-up.  If anything I so wish I could just hear a GaGa unplugged, avoid the Swarovski coverd Alexander McQueen’s and and kermit dresses, just hear her for what she is, AMAZING!  If I was talking directly to her I would say…You won, all those mean kids rue the day they crossed you, but it’s time to let it all go.  Forgiveness is transcendence and is the only way you will ever be free.  Be free little GaGa be free!!!

Gilty for GaGa

Art, Celebrity, Fashion, Lifestyle, Music May 18, 2011

My two favorite indulgences are teaming up for one hugeankious colab.  Gilt Groupe will be having a GaGa themed “curated selection” from Mugler.  I also just so happenns that the creative director of Mugler is GaGa’s stylist, Nicola Formechetti…I don’t know how I feel about that, I think I feel good.  Which explains why GaGa was in their fall runway show, it’s all about who you know.  The sale will be right before the release of her album “Born This Way” on May 24.  Get ready, it’ll be ready-to-wear, but is anything associated with GaGa ever ready-to-wear?

V has gone GaGa

Celebrity, Fashion April 4, 2011

Who ever said that there was no benefit in being weird never met the Mama Monster Lady GaGa.  The Lady is now, on top of being a pop/fashion monster, a columnist.  Yes you heard me, she’s a writer for V Magazine.  Supposedly she’ll be keeping the rest of us fashion mortals linked in to her “fashion multiverse”…I don’t think astrophysicists meant for the word multiverse to be paired with fashion, or mentioned in relation to Lady GaGa, but the wordsmiths at V seem to think it was appropriate.  I’m probably not going to be attempting any of her fashion advice but I will be checking in out of pure curiosity.