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Hot Cocoa Love!!!

Lifestyle November 26, 2012


I’m a little obsessed with giving people I love gifts, especially if I find them on Pinterest.  So, for my bestie’s first major dinner I brought her and her hubby a can of Ghirardelli chocolate.  



All you need is a decorative napkin, marshmallows, delish cocoa  a jar, a chocolate bar-I chose a chili chocolate blend, and a cute scooper.  I filled the jar more than half way with cocoa powder, added the chocolate chunks, filled the rest with mallow, added the decorative napkin, and a cute personalized label…



Then all ready to drink.  Hope you guys loved it.  That kick of chili made it more special.  



Big Love!!!!

Lifestyle July 3, 2012

Well, I haven’t posted in a while mainly because I was recovering from the wedding of a lifetime.  My dearest friend Kim married the truly debonaire Blain…even his name is swanky.  I don’t need to give you guys a play by play but would love to show you some of my favorite captures from the day.  Yes, some of them are out of focus thanx to my quick iPhone focus.

The wedding party was huge which made for very fun pre and post wedding events.  I know not everyone has this many friends but it really made the weekend a party.  Also, on a side note, this flower girl (cousin of the Bride) was adorable all day.  She was quite a ham!

Finally, we partied until we could party no more.  The top is the flower girl with a groom’s man, then the Bride and her brother (Stevie), some delish cupcakes, a dance with the Bride her long time friend (Tristen) and the flower girl again…I told you she was a ham.  Then here is the exhausted Groom.  How much do you love those socks, all the groom’s men had some variation.

Still Exhausted Cupcakes