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The Art of Gift Giving

Advice, DIY, Lifestyle August 26, 2016

There really is an art to giving a meaningful gift.  I mean nobody’s balking at the ubiquitous gift card or cash, but a gift that really hits home gets remembered.  What do you get for the friend that literally has everything, loves boho chic, and only uses vegan, animal safe, sanctified by God products?  A bag full of stuff!!!

Contrary to popular belief I do believe in using equations (I’ll have to show you lovelies my fashion equation of day, let’s just say Karl Lagerfeld is a fan of a good equation too).  But since we are talking about gifts let’s focus on how to give a proper gift.  Ehem [clears throat…pushes up glasses] the equation is as follows:

Sentiment + Attention to Detail – Shopping for Yourself = An Amazing Gift


Remember a moment from childhood or when you first met your intended giftee. Integrate those elements into your gift. For example my besties and I would share W Magazines when were were younger.  We would write our dreams and goals in the margins then pass the magazine along to the next lovely lady.  So by giving her a W Mag I’m reminding her to always follow her heart to remember that she can rely on us. We also bough a bottle of wine from the city where she and her forever were married. Adding a libation is always a good reminder of fun days.


Don’t shop for yourself:

My bestie has a solid Christian faith, hence the gratitude journal with inspirational Bible verse. This purchase may not integrate into my own concept of spirituality but remember GIFTS AREN’T FOR YOU!!!!

Attention to Detail:

Gifts are all about presentation.  Yes of course who cares what the box looks like on the 7 karat diamond but isn’t it just that much better if it comes flying down from the heavens in the mouth of a pure white dove?  So, with that being said find the perfect receptacle. We clearly didn’t find any doves large enough to carry our gift but we did find an H&M.  Why go with a boring basket when you can provide your beach loving bestie with the perfect beach ready tote? Thank you H&M for all of your bounty.

Make sure you add stuffing so your gifts will stand tall.  Yet again I will reinforce the importance of presentation.  As humans we make appraisals within 10 milliseconds of seeing an individual.  I haven’t seen any research on appraisals and gifts yet (I may just publish one), but I’m sure it isn’t much different.  My little trick is paper balled up at the bottom to add that extra height.  Then add that Easter basked grass on top.  I don’t even know what that stuff is called.  Tinsel?

The final touches were the fresh tulips and some pretty expensive facial serum from the Montage Laguna. Our favorite hotel. Our other bestie was wed there last year in a fabulous ocean view ceremony (link) and we’ve all been drawn there like moths to a flame ever since. It’s really become a special place for our friendship. So, we talked to her hubby and organized with hotel staff and she was presented with her gift after dinner.

I heard she loved it!!! I would love to share the text she sent me, but I still have this weird thing called privacy I hold on to.  So just imagine all the wonderful stuff she said xoxo.


Getting to Know Me!

Lifestyle March 31, 2012


Here are a few of my favorite things…I’m all about Karl L, in my eyes everything he touches is gold.  Vogue, perfection, you’ve gotta love a one stop shop for amazing fashion.  Finally, GaGa’s antics always make me smile.  That is all, back to you week end fun C&C readers. 


Marni for H&M!

Fashion December 3, 2011

With designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Comme des Garcons, Roberto Cavali, Lanvin and Versace your local H&M sounds a lot more like a Barney’s than a glorified Forever 21.  Their newest designer, Marni, is an excellent addition to this awesome burgeoning couture department store.  Here is the full list of lines that have come through H&M at one time or another: Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garcons, Roberto Cavali, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel, Lanvin, Versace, now Marni.  Oh, will Spring 2012 ever come?


Printemps Christmas!

Celebrity, Fashion November 13, 2011

Printemps Paris, department store giant, has inaugurated their new Christmas window.  I snagged these pictures from Cherry Blossom Girl, who is truly one of my favorite bloggers and always in the know.  For this years window, the creative types at Printemps teamed up with the smarties at Chanel and created scenes based on locations that  inspired the creators at Chanel.  I particularity loved the little Lagerfelds running around.  What kind of a world would we live in if there were more Karl Lagerfelds?  Probably a very snarky stylish one…

Karl is so Icy

Celebrity, Fashion March 17, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld is a man of many talents: fashion designer, producer, weight loss guru…ice cream sales man?  Yes the uber stylish Sir Lagerfeld is heading Magnum Ice Cream’s new campaign.  They are filming in Paris  as we speak and sources have it that Rachel Bilson has been seen on set looking AMAZING.  Her Black Swan inspired look with tiara, tutu, and nude pumps should make for an interesting ice cream add.  Baptiste Giabiconi, Langerfeld’s muse, was also near set but we can’t confirm if she’s in the campaign or just there for the ice cream.