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Isabelle Caro

Advice, Fashion, Mental Health December 30, 2010


French model and actress, Isabelle Caro passed away November 17 at the age of 28 from complication related to Anorexia Nervosa.  Her passing was just released yesterday, due to the family’s desire for privacy.  This very serious disorder has been thrust into recent popularity, aided by Caro.  She allowed her image to be used for an add campaign aimed at fighting the disorder in the modeling community.  In interviews she mentioned only allowing herself to eat two small squares of chocolate and a few cornflakes per day.  Controlling caloric intake either by obsessively counting calories or measuring food are common features of this disorder.  Also commonly associated with Anorexia is an avoidance of eating in public, perfectionism, binging (eating large quantities of food), and purging (vomiting, overly exercising, or using laxatives).    I know I’m bringing you down, but knowledge is power!