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Figueroa the Fiddle Fig

DIY, Lifestyle November 14, 2016


For those of you that don’t follow me on IG, this is Figueroa.  She’s a fiddle leaf fig tree and I’m kind of obsessing over her.

File_000 (35).jpeg

Just so cute!


It took me forever but I triumphantly found the right 10in pot.  Anything for Figueroa.


Here is a little close-up of the terracotta planter Home Depot so lovingly provided.


They also provided me with this chalked…matte white spray paint.  I wanted to keep it looking rustic.  A glossy paint would have made everything look too polished.


I lined the inside with tape and sprayed away. I let it try for about 2 hours.


Here we go.  Moving day!


This was a super simple DIY!


Craft Couch Overhaul 

DIY, Lifestyle August 19, 2015

If you’re anything like me and my beloved, you spend tons of time in your living room. My couch is where I craft, read, think, and frequently nap. So why not make sure I’m surrounded by amazing art.

  Here is our original wall.  We had a few pictures and an eternally crooked shelf. My man is tall and has hit his head on it more than a few times.

So, first things first the shelf had to come down. This left some pretty spectacular holes, which needed to be filled (don’t be gross). That’s when I when to Home Depot and bought a spectacular product, Dry Deck Wall Repair Patch Kit.

It comes with a spatula, spackle (goes on pink and dries white), sand paper, and mesh. Basically, find a hole, cut out some mesh, cover it with the piece of mesh (it’s sticky) , cover that with the spackle, let us try and sand it down.

Next comes some paint. If you live in an apartment, the office will have paint for you!  Right!!! So they gave me a can so I could repaint this portion of my wall.

Yup, I actually hung some pictures in the dress.

The wall is covered in pictures taken by my huny and some little crafts I put together.  The key is to find a theme then kinda stick to it.  We went black and white except for the picture he took of a cathedral in Mexico.  It’s just too stunning.  To be honest the wall will probably never be done. But isn’t that just like life, we’re always a work in progress.


Home, Lifestyle May 1, 2015


If you are anything like me you love all things tech. But the downside of technology are all of the infuriating cords. I’ve been trying to tape them, tuck them, hide them in those little cord hiders. Nothing worked. I was exhausted. Then I stumbled upon the answer.   

This was our cord situation. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Ugh, horrible!!! 

 First I had to pick up some supplies. Some large binder clips from Staples, some AJB washers from Home Depot and some random screws that I had lying around the house. Make sure your screws aren’t so long that they break through your desk.   

  Fold the binder clip back. 

  Put the washer on the inside of the furthest silver handle. 

  Then add your screw. You will screw this under the desk. Make sure you put them in the right places so they can securely hold all of your cords. 
Once they are screwed in tight you can clamp all of your cords down. I used about 6. Some under the desk and some on the back. 

The final product is a much more clean and organized space and under $10. Finally!!! 



DIY, Home, Lifestyle November 16, 2014


This Friendsgiving, the Thanksgiving dinner my friends and I have the week before the real deal, I have been asked to decorate. So, my table scape has to be fabulous which means putting in some preplanning.  My first subproject is all about small styrofoam (Michael’s) balls and toothpicks (Ralphs).




Here is a set up step by step.  The general structure isn’t difficult but it will require you to tap into your inner physicist, but we’ll keep it simple X, Y, and Z axis stuff.  Basically make sure each toothpick has a buddy on the exact opposed side of the styrofoam ball. If they don’t, no worry it may look a little goofy but we love all of our children.  Then snip the ends so they are not the most dangerous things ever. I’m just saying.


Make as many as you want, I made about a dozen.


Then spray (Home Depot) away. I spray everything in a old suitcase on my patio. Oh apartment living!


Quick tip. Make sure you don’t get too close to the styrofoam. Most spray paint will eat it alive. But you better believe I’m still using this one.


Now you’re done. Some people add glitter but I’m keeping it simple. I can’t wait to show you all the full table scape.


DIY Desk

DIY March 10, 2013


Since I moved to my new place I’ve been working toward a new lighter aesthetic.  Less dark woods and bright colors more whimsical clean fun.  This made my desk search a little difficult, that’s because I was hitting the usual places.  When I stumbled into my local Goodwill I bumped into this raw wood desk, I was so excited I waited in a 20 minute line…the woman behind me was standing so close I almost became claustrophobic.  But I finished and drug this beauty out under my own power.


I mean $25, I’ll wait for hours for a good deal.  After removing all stickers and some random tape from the last owner, I collected my tools.


A quick trip to Home Depot yielded a mini roller and tray ($4), silver paint ($9), and two trash bags (under the sink, free).  I decided to paint the desk right in my room, so I made sure the trash bags protected the carpet and that the room was properly ventilated (I need all the brain cells I’ve got).


Don’t forget to paint with the grain, people always talk about how important that is so I did it.  I made one mistake, I didn’t mix the paint in the beginning to it was a little thin and bubbly.  No problem, I mixed it and the next coat was spectacular.  Don’t be scared of mistakes, they always add character.


I allowed each coat about an hour to dry, so after 3 layers I was done.  I also used a mini brush to fix slight imperfections.  Rollers don’t typically access the tight spots.


I’m pleased with the final product and already looking for a chair to reupholster.