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Hipster Tricks

Fashion October 23, 2013



Clearly I’m not a hipster, but the trend has offered some wonderful, wonderful lazy day fashion coverage.  Simply stated…the oversized glasses hide that I’m not wearing any make-up, thank God.  The hat has hidden the fact that my roots are a little curly and the t-shirt and jacket cover my less that beach ready tummy.  Therefore, thank you to all the hipsters.  You gentrify urban areas and you help me hide my flaws…such a powerful movement.



Art, Fashion March 1, 2012

There is a little tiny hipster trapped in side of me, very tiny, which is why I was almost instantly attracted to this drawing on the Neysa Bove Blog.  Other than her obvious penchant for working with water color she knows a thing or two about putting together a cute ensemble.  Well, I just had to rave for a bit.



Fashion June 20, 2011

Why are mustaches the newest craze?  They have moved beyond the ironic hipster and into the mainstream, I even found myself scouring LA for a mustache inspired cookie cutter.  The mustache is more than a post pubescent male testosterone marker, they are a fashion statement.  Don’t worry if you can’t grow one just wear it on your shirt.