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Find your Bliss!

Advice September 20, 2011

I’m coming back from a most joyous occasion, one of my fav cousins DC weddings.  Nuptials always get us ladies obsessing with our futures and such and worried about finding the “right” one.  I have patients come in all the time looking for a good relationship and lamenting their dating woes.  Well let me help you get what or who you want.  The key to getting what you want is to describe what you want in specific terms.  When I say specific I mean specific, does he play golf, read Tolstoy, love kittens, work on Capital Hill?  When we are presented with a specific problem our brains, naturally, begin to problem solve.  The more specific you are the easier it will be for your frontal lobe to solve your problem.  It leads you to start behaving in a way that will get you what you want.  For example if you want a significant other who plays golf you may find yourself on a golf course where you are more likely to bump into him.  If you have any questions let me know, I can get more specific if you need.