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Beautiful Change

Art, Beauty May 30, 2011

I consider myself a beauty researcher, I track the impact societies have on beauty and the imprint beauty leaves on societies.  For example, in 1715, the beginning of the French Revolution, the French elite were hoarding flour to powder their hair.  Their withholding this beauty aid/essential food stuff lead to famine and inevitable revolt.  It is astounding to think that a beauty striving forever altered French history (obviously, this wasn’t the only precipitant to the French Revolution). As a modern society we tend to forget that beauty and the desire to be beautiful are not new concepts, they have existed as long as we have existed.  Therefore we must understand it, not quantify it, but appreciate it’s many forms and types.

The Eyes Have It!

Beauty, Celebrity April 13, 2011

I know this picture is old, but I love Solange Knowles in it.   The center parted hair, the high arched bold eye brows, the perfect purple liner, and the falsies are the perfect look for her.   I was okay when she went all Amber Rose on us…we technically she did it first so Amber Rose when Solange Knowles…but this full hair softens her face and her make up draws the viewer to her huge eyes.  I say kudos to whoever styled this shoot, standing ovation.

A new cut for Jen

Advice, Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion February 22, 2011

We’ve all had mixed emotions for Jen in the past few years.  My personal emotions have ranged from pity, to joy.  But now I’m not quite sure how I feel about her new cut.  I’ve long loved the quintessential Jen tresses and I’m a little taken back by the chop… However, I’m willing to roll with it, she’s in crisis.  What do you guys think?


Alexander McQueen, the New Gaurd

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion December 10, 2010

Sarah Burton has been the Creative Director of Alexander McQueen since the fashion giant’s suicide in February 2010.  They have emerged from the heavy sadness as a slightly creepy unsettling phoenix.  Their quirkiness is refreshing and amazing!!!  From the smokey gold nails to the woven hair it’s all good in McQueen town.