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DIY Desk

DIY March 10, 2013


Since I moved to my new place I’ve been working toward a new lighter aesthetic.  Less dark woods and bright colors more whimsical clean fun.  This made my desk search a little difficult, that’s because I was hitting the usual places.  When I stumbled into my local Goodwill I bumped into this raw wood desk, I was so excited I waited in a 20 minute line…the woman behind me was standing so close I almost became claustrophobic.  But I finished and drug this beauty out under my own power.


I mean $25, I’ll wait for hours for a good deal.  After removing all stickers and some random tape from the last owner, I collected my tools.


A quick trip to Home Depot yielded a mini roller and tray ($4), silver paint ($9), and two trash bags (under the sink, free).  I decided to paint the desk right in my room, so I made sure the trash bags protected the carpet and that the room was properly ventilated (I need all the brain cells I’ve got).


Don’t forget to paint with the grain, people always talk about how important that is so I did it.  I made one mistake, I didn’t mix the paint in the beginning to it was a little thin and bubbly.  No problem, I mixed it and the next coat was spectacular.  Don’t be scared of mistakes, they always add character.


I allowed each coat about an hour to dry, so after 3 layers I was done.  I also used a mini brush to fix slight imperfections.  Rollers don’t typically access the tight spots.


I’m pleased with the final product and already looking for a chair to reupholster.