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Hipster Tricks

Fashion October 23, 2013



Clearly I’m not a hipster, but the trend has offered some wonderful, wonderful lazy day fashion coverage.  Simply stated…the oversized glasses hide that I’m not wearing any make-up, thank God.  The hat has hidden the fact that my roots are a little curly and the t-shirt and jacket cover my less that beach ready tummy.  Therefore, thank you to all the hipsters.  You gentrify urban areas and you help me hide my flaws…such a powerful movement.


Paul Smith Fall 2011

Fashion, Lifestyle February 21, 2011

Business man chic for ladies?  Yes, thank you Paul Smith, because anything a man can do we can do better.  His creased pants, tailored jackets, vests, and sweaters are fantastically wearable when paired with other more street friendly items.  Try the tailored jacket with a mini dress or blousy jumper and creased pants are super cute with a sweater or over sized shirt.