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Getting to Know Me!

Lifestyle March 31, 2012


Here are a few of my favorite things…I’m all about Karl L, in my eyes everything he touches is gold.  Vogue, perfection, you’ve gotta love a one stop shop for amazing fashion.  Finally, GaGa’s antics always make me smile.  That is all, back to you week end fun C&C readers. 


Mugler Pre Summer 2012

Celebrity, Fashion July 4, 2011

I have a healthy appreciation for Nicola Formichetti, as Creative Director for Mugler. You may or may not know that she also styles our dear Lady GaGa. This, her Pre Summer 2012 line, was not very GaGa but somewhat subdued with muted color and clean lines. Pants looked like they were painted in latex, dresses and skirts were mini just for hot summer days. I hope you are as pleasantly surprised as I was. 20110704-073751.jpg20110704-073757.jpg20110704-073804.jpg20110704-073810.jpg20110704-073817.jpg20110704-073824.jpg




Lifestyle January 7, 2011

Here she goes again, GaGa being GaGa. I could do without her pink hair and grey roots but her anti-French tips are inspired. This trend has been on runways for at least two seasons and is easily modified by changing the polish color or the width of the band. I’m geeked that GaGa finally did something the rest of us can try.