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Light It Up

DIY August 1, 2015

I’ve had an insanely busy week (new site http://www.allycinhicks.com). But I’m never too busy to remind a friend of how amazing and brilliant she is. Get it get it. Candles make light…brilliant. Sometimes I crack myself up.  I just had to prove to myself that you don’t have to spend all your money to give a thoughtful gift. 

 I collected a few household items. Well, at least common for my household. I grabbed a piece of sequin sweater from an earlier project, some marble contact paper, some Martha Stewart glitter, and of course some tea candles. My earthquake kit will miss them.  Basically, cut the fabric and spray glue it to the plastic candle holder then add glitter to another one then finally the contact paper to yet another.   

Then wrap it up. I always believe in a great ribbon and a hand written card. People love the personalization. 



Celebrity, Fashion September 8, 2011


Oh the awesomeness that is GaGa met the pure perfection that is Oprah last year at the Met Gala Americana exhibit. It highlighted fashion in the Americas and who’s more American than Oprah and Lady GaGa. I just love this picture so much I pulled it out of my archives, talk about gorgeous. Thanx for the pic Vogue!