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Happy Fourth!!!

Family, Lifestyle July 4, 2015


For my family and myself the Fourth is a day we can shut out the world and spend some much needed together time. We BBQ, talk, eat an assortment of picnic foods, and watch fireworks from the roof of the car.


Three generations! 


I’m teaching my mom how to take a selfie. She’s got that low angle glare down to a science. 


My hubby seems pretty uninterested. But that’s an only child for you, always in their heads. 

Then meeeee! Happy Fourth. Sorry no crafts today! They are coming. 


Mugler Pre Summer 2012

Celebrity, Fashion July 4, 2011

I have a healthy appreciation for Nicola Formichetti, as Creative Director for Mugler. You may or may not know that she also styles our dear Lady GaGa. This, her Pre Summer 2012 line, was not very GaGa but somewhat subdued with muted color and clean lines. Pants looked like they were painted in latex, dresses and skirts were mini just for hot summer days. I hope you are as pleasantly surprised as I was. 20110704-073751.jpg20110704-073757.jpg20110704-073804.jpg20110704-073810.jpg20110704-073817.jpg20110704-073824.jpg