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Marble Tray DIY

DIY, Home, Lifestyle, Mental Health May 2, 2016

Sometimes a girl just wants something pretty and sometimes there’s more to the art of making something beautiful. In honor of May being Mental Health Month I want to talk about how crafting can help your mental state. You’re probably thinking “what!?!” “How does crafting help me mentally?”  Well, engaging in an activity that you enjoy and find yourself lost in helps you reach a state of alpha brain activity called, Flow. This researcher named Mihaly Csikszentminalyi-try saying that 3 times fast-found that we experience less depression and more joy when we engage in activities that require focus and attention. This does wonders for brain neuroconnectivity which can have an impact on our general outlook on life. So, Dr Ally is writing you a script for one craft this week. Let’s get to it!

What will you need?

A piece of marble (mine was a little thick and heavy, I’d recommend something a little lighter).

2 drawer pulls

Clear round bumpers 

Metallic spray paint (mine was rose gold)

E6000 glue 

Spray your drawer pulls. I used about 3 layers of paint.

Stick your round bumpers to the underside of your marble. These will keep your tray from sitting directly on a surface.

Measure how far you want your handles to go from the edge. Can you believe I’ve been using a centimeter ruler all these years and wasn’t even paying attention. Yes metric!!!

Add a drop of glue. This stuff is serious and goes a long way. You may also ways a mask, the fumes are pretty intense.

Wipe away any excess.

And there’s your stunning marble tray!  Happy crafting!!!

Mind Craft!

DIY, Fashion, Lifestyle, Mental Health March 28, 2013


My bestie and I have a frighteningly similar need for random creativity. So, this week we put our heads together and started making some jewelry. My first piece was this simple and understated heart ring then I upped the anti a little with this copper coiled bead (made it myself) on a leather band.


The point of this endeavor wasn’t the fulfillment of some dream of jewelry notoriety. It was an act of togetherness and fun. Play for creative adults, if you will. Because, in those moments, the moments where you are fully invested in an activity, you can truly find happiness.

Find some fun creative activity and share it with those you love this week. Tell me about it if you want, I love hearing about your adventures!