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The Best Meal of the Day

Lifestyle August 22, 2016

Brunch is the fanciest of all meals.  It’s for those of us too busy for breakfast but too hungry to wait for lunch.  The staff of the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla California set up such an amazing spread for my friends and I, just 15 amazing blogger and influencers enjoying a fabulous weekend on the beach.


I worked against my own best interests by noshing on chocolate, bread, and assorted libations, but what’s brunch without a few bad decisions.


The beach has always been a place of balance and reflection in my life, a place where I could focus on getting back to basics.  There is something about being in the presences of all four elements at one time that really serves to ground me.  I could barely even focus on eating while taking in the view.  Ok, seriousness over…


I even made a little beetle friend.  Hey, antenna off my pitaya, my new favorite fruit.  Don’t get me started on my favorite pitaya bowl at Leno Juice Bar, but that’s a convo for another post.

I realized that I like Eggs Benedict.  Look at this little nugget of amazingness.

We even had a private presentation of a La Jolla fashion line Timmithea.  That cute little lady in pink is the fabulous Timmithea Leeds.


So cute!!!


I obsessed over that maxi skirt.  So Audrey! Well C&C readers look forward to more posts of my transcendental weekend at the La Valencia Hotel.  xoxoxo


Electric Feathers

Fashion October 24, 2013


Leana Zuniga’s Spring 2014 Electric Feathers show was happy and ethereal. Her clothes were motivated by her deep love of travel and effortless dressing. Well we have a few things in common. These were some of my favorite pieces, hope you love them too.



I believe this is her “infinite” rope dress, I need one!




My Dreams

Celebrity, Fashion July 30, 2013


So, I have a minor fashion obsession and as a fashion obsessed woman I must be ready for Fall. Of course, Raf Simons has brought us fall Christian Dior excellence. This floor length belted and beaded gown was my favorite. Gee I wish I could get my hands on one for my pending photo shoot. Cough cough, wink wink, hope you are reading Raf.



Fashion January 28, 2013


Being on a budget is never fun, but it can breed some real fashion creativity. I’ve prided myself on filling my closet with thrift items that don’t look thrifty. Hence my $25 BCBG skirt and $19 Report pumps. From tip to toe, this little ensemble set me back $50.

I would love to hear some of your thrifting stories.


Remember to Love

Lifestyle January 6, 2013



By now all of fashiondom knows that Vittorio Missoni, his wife, two friends, and two pilots went missing over the Los Roques archipelago in Venezuela this Friday.  This horrible news comes less than a month after Mexican singing sensation Jenni Rivera also went missing in a small plane crash and five years to the day after another plane carrying 5 italians went down in the same area.  I hate brining you all down on a Sunday morning but let this remind you to hug your family today, say a kind word to a stranger, somehow let people know they are loved.  


Fashion Psychology!

Advice, Fashion June 20, 2012

Fashion is typically the last thing on a therapist’s mind, but since much of my research is centered on happiness, flow, and beauty I think about it all the time. So of course, I put my research where my mouth is and use some simple techniques in my daily life. For instance, when I’m having a down day-wrong side of the bed kind of stuff- I wear yellow. There’s just something about the color yellow that picks my mood up off the floor. Or when I’m feeling uninspired I take a new route home(*increases memory) and will even pull over to take pictures of flowers or signs with colors that I want in a future outfit or design. To each C&C reader, take time this week to do something that makes you feel just fantastic, it doesn’t matter what it is (keep it positive and healthy) but just do something for you…


Men’s Fashion, Not and Oxymoron!

Advice, Fashion March 8, 2012

Men are so darn adorable, but they can be so very misguided.  Especially when it comes to issues of the fashion persuasion.  Earlier today I put together a look for one of my East coast inspired friends and felt I should share it with my C&C readers.  Boots are huge even in hotter months.  I’m really obsessed with everything chukka so get into the laces.  Suits are a season standout keep the suit monochromatic or go with a tan or grey pant and a navy jacket-just stay away from those yellow socks.  Finally, sweaters and scarves can always amp up an ensemble, so men don’t hesitate to accessorize.


Art, Fashion March 1, 2012

There is a little tiny hipster trapped in side of me, very tiny, which is why I was almost instantly attracted to this drawing on the Neysa Bove Blog.  Other than her obvious penchant for working with water color she knows a thing or two about putting together a cute ensemble.  Well, I just had to rave for a bit.


Imitation of Christ

Beauty, Celebrity, Fashion September 8, 2011

Vintage line, Imitation of Christ, was full of surprises and whimsy this week. Head Designer, Tara Subkoff, was one of the most fashion forward wedding planners in her flowing pastel frock. The Union Square W was transformed into a garden wedding fit for a British heiress. The bride Lydia Hearst was simple a gorgeous while hubby Miles, eeh who cares, was in a tailored vintage suit. The show began, to everyone’s amazement, with the unexpected nuptials and continued with the models walking two by two in a recessional. The show was filled with lace bias cut dresses, pasted petals, and flapper era silhouettes. The show was cute but a little Grey Gardens for my taste. The jury is still out on wether the marriage was real, who cares it was magical. Thanx to the New York Observer for tracking down the happy couple.