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Food, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Mental health, Photography December 10, 2015

The little tiny hungry girl inside of me couldn’t let this moment pass quietly into the night. I LOOOVE macaroons!  They are just so simple a chic. Truly the perfect snack. 

And if you like macaroons then you have to get them from Bottega Louie. It is downtown LA’s little window into delicious French snackerie…yup snackerie, I made that up. 

  I mean look at this absolute perfection.  Packaging isn’t just about putting a great product in a box. It’s about creating and tapping into the emotions of consumers. A lot of thought and research goes into creating these iconic designs. Different colors evoke different feelings, some may even make you want to purchase more goodies.  I think that’s the goal. 

Pink is the color of gentleness and love and evokes feelings of calm. It doesn’t make me hungry but since it’s my favorite color it encourages me to buy, buy, buy. Some of the effects of color are due to personal factors and preferences but there are definitely effects that impact all of us. It’s just evolution baby! For example, colors like red and orange get our attention because they have historically signaled danger. Thus, stop lights and road cones.   

I’m so sure you didn’t sign up for this little lesson in color theory, you just wanted to look at pictures of macaroons. But now that I’m done forcing you to learn some random information, go and see how colors make you feel today.  Ciao! 

Packing Light

DIY, Lifestyle, travel October 31, 2014


I’ve chronicled some of my past exploits, most of which were to either present or interview, but heading to Spokane, WA with my BF was a simple and unexpected treat.  I am regularly left at home while he heads to the majestic Northwest, but not this time. All well and good but with the short nature of this trip I had to adjust and fit three days of my life and routine into a CARRY ON!!! Sweaters, boots, jackets hats, and toiletries in a carry on (please). So, first things first. I had to buy a carry on, because I mean who really has a small suit case?


Found a navy roller bag for a mere $13 in the garment district. Thank you Downtown LA for all of your many deals. But it’s my bag, so of course I had to add glitter. Here’s a quick how to. 1. I taped around the metal logo plate-had to protect the rest of the bag. 2. Pulled out my trusty spray glue. 3. Added tons of glitter to the still wet glue. 4. Waited for everything to dry and patted it down pretty hard to make sure it was all settled. 5.  Sealed down the glitter it with two ample layers of clear nail polish. 6.  Allowed it to dry over night.  7. Removed the tape and cleaned up any renegade glitter.  One simple way to make a cheap bag look a little more stylish.  If you wanted you could also use a fabric…oooo that’s a good idea.


Then to the actual task packing only things I “needed.” So out came The tribal sweater, two pairs of jeans, two boots (low and high) and a huge faux fur lined jacket. What is a trip to Washington state without a huge army green jacket? I also packed my camera gear and dried seaweed. I know seaweed, how freaking LA.




Then I chronicled the lower half of my outfit doing some pretty Northwesterly things. Gotta love Fall colors, textures and smells. The faint smell of wood fires and chilled air took me back to winters in the OC. I love you Spokane.


Big Love!!!!

Lifestyle July 3, 2012

Well, I haven’t posted in a while mainly because I was recovering from the wedding of a lifetime.  My dearest friend Kim married the truly debonaire Blain…even his name is swanky.  I don’t need to give you guys a play by play but would love to show you some of my favorite captures from the day.  Yes, some of them are out of focus thanx to my quick iPhone focus.

The wedding party was huge which made for very fun pre and post wedding events.  I know not everyone has this many friends but it really made the weekend a party.  Also, on a side note, this flower girl (cousin of the Bride) was adorable all day.  She was quite a ham!

Finally, we partied until we could party no more.  The top is the flower girl with a groom’s man, then the Bride and her brother (Stevie), some delish cupcakes, a dance with the Bride her long time friend (Tristen) and the flower girl again…I told you she was a ham.  Then here is the exhausted Groom.  How much do you love those socks, all the groom’s men had some variation.

Still Exhausted Cupcakes

My Obsessions!

Home May 5, 2012


I have a secret obsession. No it’s nothing sorted or kinky, it’s amazing restaurant bathrooms. I just can’t resist taking a picture of a great counter, floral arrangement, or innovative appliance. Instead of quietly appreciating in shame I’ve decided to embrace my strange obsession and start sharing it with you.


This is the counter and sink at Bottega Louie. My fav restaurant!


Art October 15, 2011

Last night I crawled from beneath my computer and went on an art-venture.  I’m still recovering.  As I surveyed the assortment of delish food trucks I stumbled upon the etched wood work of Gianni Quatrano.  Of course this Clock Work Orange piece stood out, I had to snap a pic, even if it was on my old iphone.  He also has some interesting old school video game art pieces, check him out LINK.