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Keep it Simple

Fashion June 17, 2014


My job is very interesting in that it requires equal parts mental and physical agility. This makes it pretty darn difficult to plan an outfit in the morning. Of course, I want to be stylish and comfy, but I also need to look like I went to school for the past 8 years to get this degree. Today was a pretty casual day; light denim pants, dark denim tank, black blazer, and lace up boots. I tend to wear a few rings and bangles too but I was rushing this morning and only got the pants, shirt and shoes in the pic.


Lamb & Flag!

Fashion, Lifestyle April 3, 2012


I made an emergency Sephora run, yes it was an emergency, you didn’t see my eyebrows. While on the emergency I was drawn into the Lamb & Flag store in the Cerritos Mall. Like a moth to a flame I gravitated toward the clean and hip interior, specifically this delightfully Victorian chandelier.


They has some super classic washes and probably the best assortment of men’s jeans I’ve seen since Levi’s. The lady’s jeans weren’t too shabby either.


Also, I’m a sucker for a great accessory so of course these totally drew me in.



I hope you guys check them out. They have other locations at the Brea Mall and The Shops in Mission Viejo. Let them know I sent you!

Fall Denim

Fashion November 6, 2011

SoCal’s new Fall weather has ushered in new seasonal trends; besides my new peppermint candle.  The one I’m loving is denim… My two favorite pieces, other than my simple denim skinnies, are my wide-leg denim trousers and my denim shirt.  I tend to pair the trousers with a blazer or printed top and put my denim shirt with some tights and boots.  Keep it simple!