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Craft Couch Overhaul 

DIY, Lifestyle August 19, 2015

If you’re anything like me and my beloved, you spend tons of time in your living room. My couch is where I craft, read, think, and frequently nap. So why not make sure I’m surrounded by amazing art.

  Here is our original wall.  We had a few pictures and an eternally crooked shelf. My man is tall and has hit his head on it more than a few times.

So, first things first the shelf had to come down. This left some pretty spectacular holes, which needed to be filled (don’t be gross). That’s when I when to Home Depot and bought a spectacular product, Dry Deck Wall Repair Patch Kit.

It comes with a spatula, spackle (goes on pink and dries white), sand paper, and mesh. Basically, find a hole, cut out some mesh, cover it with the piece of mesh (it’s sticky) , cover that with the spackle, let us try and sand it down.

Next comes some paint. If you live in an apartment, the office will have paint for you!  Right!!! So they gave me a can so I could repaint this portion of my wall.

Yup, I actually hung some pictures in the dress.

The wall is covered in pictures taken by my huny and some little crafts I put together.  The key is to find a theme then kinda stick to it.  We went black and white except for the picture he took of a cathedral in Mexico.  It’s just too stunning.  To be honest the wall will probably never be done. But isn’t that just like life, we’re always a work in progress.

Room Update

Home October 20, 2014


Update time!!! What to do with an already decorated space? Duh, festoon the doors! Yes, I said festoon… So, I grabbed some black washi tape and went to work. All I needed was my mitts.


I was pretty surprised with how this tiny detail transformed my space.




A Little Project!

Home February 28, 2012

I’ve been amazingly busy lately, but I managed to find the time to wade through a few pix and stumbled across this…

The crisp black and white ottoman reminded me of an embarrassingly wretched ottoman in my possession, in desperate need of some TLC.  This is what I started with-don’t judge…

1.  I assembled my tools; an electric drill, staple gun, exacto knife, thread and needle, and some great fabric.

2.  Remove the base from the cushion area by unscrewing the four attaching screws (thanx handy dandy electric drill).

3.  There were some structural problems with the foam so I used my excto knife to cut a hole in the fabric for some needed readjusting then I sewed it back up.

4.  Next, I laid the new fabric stretching it tightly over the original fabric (no need to remove the old fabric)- keep it simple.

5.  I stapled the fabric all the way around, thanx to my staple gun and a little upper body strength.

6.  I pleated the corners; just like wrapping a present.

7.  Reattach the base and YAY!!!


Home, Lifestyle, Mental Health June 10, 2011

Having a space that you love can decrease depression and anxiety.  So if you are feeling a little down redecorate.  Paint your walls a warm color, get some new lights, buy a new comforter, just create a wonderful space.  Wouldn’t we all love to get a remodel as a prescription from our doctors.