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Marble Notebook DIY

DIY, Lifestyle, Mental Health April 13, 2016

We all have that overpacked junk drawer filled  with pens, rubber bands, candles and I guess mine has a ton of unused old journals. What do we do with these long forgotten relics?  Repurpose them!!!! Let me show you a quick DIY that will have your old throwaway journal looking better than new. 


To start you will need an old journal, some contact paper and scissors. 

Lay the contact paper flat and trace around the outside of the journal.   


Don’t forget to open up the journal and trace around the whole thing. Also give some extra space so you can fold the contact paper over later. 


Cut it out.   

 Peel the backing from the paper. 

Attach it to the journal 

Fold the excess paper to the inside of the journal’s cover.

Here’s the finished journal!!! Now,what to write; gratitude, poetry, a novel?  Only time will tell. What are some things you would write?  Tell me everything! 


Sound of Music 

DIY, Lifestyle November 12, 2015

I’ve been a craft maniac lately. So many projects that I just didn’t have the time to stage and edit. This is a DIY bloggers secret the staging of the project takes longer than the actual project. And on top of that I rarely craft while cute!  I normally look pretty undone. Well, today I had a moment to document my achievement. 

 My cousin vocal coaches a number of high powered vocalists and wanted some specialized microphone stands.  I got the call and rose to the challenge.    It was pretty simple. Plastic tarp, spray paint (I prefer Rustoleum), and some fresh microphone stands. It took about 4 coats but we got it done. 

 My other cousin, Eric, got a little cameo.  At the end of the day I’m in love with the guilded stands. I may go back over there and add some glitter to something. I’m seriously addicted to glitter.   

Make it Your Own! 

DIY, Wedding June 9, 2015

I’m all about the details and in preparing for this engagement party pink water color is a standout theme. This was a pretty easy craft with a super adorable outcome.   

First I headed out to Michael’s and grabbed some $1 wooden sporks.  Easy! 


Then I just grabbed my handy flat brush and some pink winter color and went to work. I started at the tip of the handle and painted a tough stroke toward the prongs of the fork. I made sure the paint didn’t end in a perfectly square line. The jagged edges add some character. 

Let them dry and it’s time to party! 


Jump for Joy 

Art, DIY April 19, 2015


I have been painfully absent for the past few weeks.  Engagement parties, trips, wedding planning, business meetings, and tons of crafting projects have kept me super busy. But I’m back!!! And I’m excited to announce that my traverses brought me to the fabulous Joy Cho’s  book signing in Los Angeles. Well, I live in LA so I didn’t have to travel that far. 


Her book is possibly the cutest accumulation of crafts and adorableness I’ve ever owned and I own a lot of Martha Stewart magazines.  The book, in a nutshell, is about bettering the lives of those around you through creativity and beautiful things. That’s what I’m all about and now I’m super motivated to just, be better. 


The whole shebang took place at the West Elm in Beverly Hills. This is actually one of my favorite furniture and nick nack spots, so I was doubly excited! 

I got there early and it was a pretty active crowd. It got the the point where it was super difficult to walk around. Joy brings a pretty big crowd. 


Then I became pretty obsessed with their paper cup garlands. 

I got to eat salted caramel ice cream with chocolate “gravel” from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. 



Finally the piece de resistance, I got to chat with Joy. Super sweet and motivational!  



Craft of the Day

Art, DIY August 12, 2012

I’ve always loved bangles and have long been obsessed with this hamsa charm.  So, I created this simple braided bracelet and I’ll teach you how.

After tying a knot in the three strands use a clamp to hold it still.  I tied a bead to the top for closure.  Start braiding until you are approximately half way down the string.  Then add a bead-or more-to each string and braid away.  Add a cute charm and beads to the other side-this keeps the charm in place.  Keep braiding and tie the end into a loop just big enough for the bead to fit through.  You’re Done, Simple!!!