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Writers Should Digest

Advice July 17, 2011

I’m working on the results and discussion sections of my dissertation, ugh…school!  But I have hit major writers block on the other 5 articles I’m working on.  That got me thinking about cures for writters block-I mean I can’t be the only one…

Calm: One creativity killer is anxiety.  When you start thinking that you’ll never write anything good enough, what will your editor think? or will my readers even like this…STOP!  No I mean it, literally picture a large stop sign in your mind reading STOP.  Take a step away, almost watch yourself work, figure out why you’re even writing in the first place.

Distract: Take some time to get away from the writers block frustration.  Make a tasty meal or go on a quick jog…anything that will help put your mind in another place.  Showers and pedicures often work for me oh and of course writing this post.

Kindness: Be nice to yourself.  There is never any reason to berate yourself.  I tell people to talk to themselves like they would a small child.  You wouldn’t tell a child “you’re so stupid,” “you can’t write at all,” “You’ll never fisish this.”

Inspiration: Find something that inspires you, a location, a person, a color, or a song.  Just allow it to take you over completely.

I hope this was helpful back to my writing UGH!!!