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Fashion Psychology!

Advice, Fashion June 20, 2012

Fashion is typically the last thing on a therapist’s mind, but since much of my research is centered on happiness, flow, and beauty I think about it all the time. So of course, I put my research where my mouth is and use some simple techniques in my daily life. For instance, when I’m having a down day-wrong side of the bed kind of stuff- I wear yellow. There’s just something about the color yellow that picks my mood up off the floor. Or when I’m feeling uninspired I take a new route home(*increases memory) and will even pull over to take pictures of flowers or signs with colors that I want in a future outfit or design. To each C&C reader, take time this week to do something that makes you feel just fantastic, it doesn’t matter what it is (keep it positive and healthy) but just do something for you…


Mind your Mind!

Advice, Lifestyle, Mental Health July 8, 2011

In rebuttal to my wonderful Cigar’s “Cure your Anxiety.”  If you really want to “cure” anxiety work on a skill called mindfulness.  Anxiety is basically a persistent worry about the future and how horrible it will be.  Mindfulness is a practice that keeps you tethered to the current moment.  Many people will argue, “But all of these things could happen, I’m just being realistic and prepared.”  Mindfulness doesn’t ask you to neglect planning for the future, but it requires that you plan for the future in the calm of the present moment.  There is a chance that you will get in a car accident in the future but not a large chance, worrying about it also won’t make it any less likely to happen.  So, stay in the current moment, after all, we reach the future every passing moment.  I will post future blogs about some specific mindfulness techniques.  Stay Posted!!!!!

Fridays are officially pink

Uncategorized November 24, 2010

Our dear, lovely, quite eccentric Nicki Minaj is entering yet another creative venue. The burgeoning rap/fashion maven who regularly gives Lady GaGa a run for her fashion chops is working with MAC on a new signature lipstick. Her Pink Friday limited edition lip luster will only be sold Fridays in December 2010. Now TGIF is truer than ever! Think pink ladies.