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Advice, Art, Beauty June 13, 2011

How do we feel about Ted Notin‘s gun make-up kit…we love it.  These are the first two in a series of 7.

First we have his Chanel001 loaded with a perfume bottle with 18k gold mechanism, Chanel lip gloss, antique hairpin, and 18k gold toothpick, and Viagra? I’m not sure if it comes with the Viagra or if that’s just a recommendation.

And here in the secret spy white is the Dior001.  This little weapon has an antique hairpin, pill box, Dior lip gloss, USB stick, and 100gram sterling silver bar…I’m not sure why you’d need a bar of sterling silver.  But I could see using it to barter just in case you are trapped in a Mexican prison.

Business Attire from Fall Runways

Lifestyle February 26, 2011

Which Fall RTW business look are you ready to wear?

Etro‘s classic little black dress with added pop of color and waist syncing belt?

Antonio Marras‘ take on a business suit? I love the collarless jacket and striped shirt, the asymmetrical skirt is a show stopper.

Moschino‘s super classic suit?  The knit pencil skirt stole my heart and their Chanel-esk top was perfectly girlie.