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Come Fly with Me!

DIY September 16, 2012

Last night around midnight I became overwhelmingly motivated to make some thing adorable.  So this happened.  It’s a pretty simple process but I’ll walk you through it anyway.

Find a stencil, this is the one I liked.  Print some out, I used Microsof word to arrange the stencils.  Then snip snip…done.

Next, fold them so they appear to be in mid flight, but make sure their bodies are flat…you need somewhere to place the tape.

There we go.  Your rabble is ready…that’s what people call a group of butterflies…cute!

I desperately hope some of you try this project.  It’s super adorable and adds a touch of whimsy to a space.  As a matter of fact my sister came to visit, saw my rabble, and demanded some for herself…I made them in green.