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Showered With Love 

Lifestyle, Wedding March 13, 2016


Weddings are NUTS!!!!!!  They are the most stressful, frustrating, fulfilling, and beautiful thing you will ever do. You shell out more money then you ever thought you would but you also get to bask in the love of your friends and family. Or you don’t and it’s a total drama fest…luckily that not my story.  My bridesmaids have been absolutely phenomenal and my family has been on board from day one. Well, they all put their cute little heads together for my garden themed bridal shower. Let’s also take time to thank my photographer Arayna Eison


Before everything kicked off I took some time to meditate on the porch.   I also spent time talking to some guests and putting on this silly face. I don’t know what I was thinking. 

I walked into absolute perfection. Tents, pianos, flowers, food, loved ones…what more could I ask for?        


They know how to make me happy…confections.   

Yummm red velvet.  


My mother made an amazing speech. 

My future hubbs made an appearance.   

If you can’t tell this is my mom, aunt, grandma and little sister. 

My cousin Trisha.  

And he any, my little princess, Kaylynn-flower girl.   

My other cousin Swaren.   

My girls Kim (Matron of Honor, Fevi, and Ashley). They made this whole event happen.   

Sasha my bridesmaid. She played a central role in the planning, her little artsy fingerprints were all over everything. 
Then there’s Stevie. He graciously overestimate us his yard and sang us a few songs. He’ll be the music director for the wedding. If you tune into our wedding on Pericope you’ll probably hear him.   

All in all it was another successful, touching, and beautiful day!  


Bridal Shower!

Lifestyle September 16, 2014


So, a lot of my friends have been getting married, I mean a lot.  I guess we’re just at that age, ahem ahem 21.  Well, that’s a lie. Anyway, it’s given me the opportunity to become a little bit of a wedding planner. My friend Keish and I put our planning powers together and designed a truly special Italian bridal shower for our bestie Sasha.


Here is the full table setting. We decided to go with a long table on the patio to give a little Tuscany. We mixed metals and used as many different chairs as possible.  We covered the table in greenery and hung roses and leaves in garlands.  Mason jars filled with succulents were the shower gifts.


I mean look at this little cutie!


We had some healthy options.


And some not so healthy, but ridiculously gorgeous ones.


Here is our beautiful bride to be, her beautiful Badgley Mischka romper, and her beautiful drink.


And here is our couple being absolutely adorbs!  I mean I just die!

I had a little artsy moment and made this calming film as we cleaned up.  All in all it was an amazing and love filled day.


Never Too Early!

Advice, Food July 18, 2012

As I sit in my home overlooking the pool I can’t help but reminisce about how stunning Lake Michigan was-yes stunning.  Just a few days ago my bestie, Sasha, and I arrived at our other bestie’s uncle’s sprawling Detroit estate.   We were tired and a little grumpy-it was 6am ET-3am PST-but some TLC and a beautiful view were enough to wash away all airport frustration and cabbie attitude.  A few mimosas and one hour of great girl talk later we were ready to start our day.  There’s a lesson here; it’s never too early to show the people you love how much they mean to you and of course, it’s never too early for champagne…


Showered with Love!

Lifestyle May 22, 2012

This weekend I went to my first bestie’s bridal shower.  This is a most momentous event in a world were people just don’t tie the knot anymore.  We all arrived at the shower location, a home with a protected courtyard filled with pink and delectable things.  My favorite type of pink things.  Of course we played shower games separated by dancing, hula hooping, and water balloons.  Yes, a room full of Black women and water balloons and nobody complained. Amazing!!!

Of course there was cake and cupcakes.  They were amazingly simple and sweet, we had our chocolate and vanilla base, with sweet butter cream  and a berry frosting.  I didn’t have any because I still need to fit into that wedding dress, but I only heard amazing things about the sugary treats.

Then when it was finally time to go, we were able to fill bags at the candy station.  The hit of the day was the bride’s mother’s home made mints.  You haven’t tasted mints until you’ve tasted Aunt Linda’s mints.

Alright C&C readers I hope you experienced the awesomeness of this shower.   All I have to say is I can’t wait for the amazing day where my Kimmy Kakes will become Mrs. Kimmy Kakes-Gentry!