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Showered with Love!

Lifestyle May 22, 2012

This weekend I went to my first bestie’s bridal shower.  This is a most momentous event in a world were people just don’t tie the knot anymore.  We all arrived at the shower location, a home with a protected courtyard filled with pink and delectable things.  My favorite type of pink things.  Of course we played shower games separated by dancing, hula hooping, and water balloons.  Yes, a room full of Black women and water balloons and nobody complained. Amazing!!!

Of course there was cake and cupcakes.  They were amazingly simple and sweet, we had our chocolate and vanilla base, with sweet butter cream  and a berry frosting.  I didn’t have any because I still need to fit into that wedding dress, but I only heard amazing things about the sugary treats.

Then when it was finally time to go, we were able to fill bags at the candy station.  The hit of the day was the bride’s mother’s home made mints.  You haven’t tasted mints until you’ve tasted Aunt Linda’s mints.

Alright C&C readers I hope you experienced the awesomeness of this shower.   All I have to say is I can’t wait for the amazing day where my Kimmy Kakes will become Mrs. Kimmy Kakes-Gentry!