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Birthday Boy!

Family, Photography September 19, 2014


Today is my beloved’s birthday. So I just wanted to honor him on the blog. Happy birthday baby!!!




Just noticing that the major downside of dating a photographer is they don’t take a lot of selfies. Wish I wasn’t in all of these. We’ll have to schedule a birthday photo shoot.



Advice, Mental Health April 22, 2014


My boyfriend and I love to talk, no postulate, on things from gender roles, to religion, to minority issues, to how we can better the world through knowledge. This weekend we found ourselves cuddling on the couch talking about basic principles of evolution, religion, and the limits of human understanding. It served to remind me of how important social interaction is. Exchanging ideas and getting excited about the debate gave me the energy to get half way through this week. So, basically I’m thankful for my completely nerdy boyfriend. We should all find ways to engage in our passions this week. How do you know something is a passion? What gets your blood pressure up, puts a ridiculous smile on your face, and keeps you up at night with ideas? That’s probably your passion. Find yours and thrive.


Boyfriends…Gotta love em!

Celebrity, Fashion February 6, 2011

The Gilt Boyfriend jean sale is just about over…you ladies cleaned them out.  After my own mad dash on Gilt I investigated the hottest boyfriend builders, Habitual, Reiss, William Rast, and my fav Rich and Skinny.  These jeans give the impression that we stole them right off the sexy butts of our boy toys. The signature of the boyfriend is the loosness, tears, a worn appearance, and a cuff.  I would like to add that there be a tailored line in the leg and a looseness in the crotch and hips.  These pants may not take the place of a man but at least they are always flattering…